Redefining the data center landscape for data mining, AI, deep learning and other HPC applications.

Frontier Zero thinks beyond the data center, building the internet of tomorrow.

Over 2 decades of experience in the conventional data center and managed
service provider space.

Frontier recognizes that a new wave of computing is upon us, and that the status quo of data center technologies will not be able to support the growing demands for computational power.


Deep Learning Hosting

Deep learning takes up a tremendous amount of compute cycles, which leads to large power bills. Frontier allows you to reduce your overhead through hosted deep learning solutions in our cutting edge tier zero data centers.

AI Hosting

AI workloads demand vast amounts of processing power that grow, and then keep growing. Keeping up with AI demand means keeping up with the bill, too. Frontier cuts that cost down by over 20% in flexible environments that easily allow you to scale your operation.

Render Farm Hosting

Every year, more and more films leverage the power of computer generated graphics to enhance their stories. With this demand, the cost and energy required to host films is exponentially increasing. Frontier solves that problem by providing low cost, flexible render farm hosting solutions.

High Performance Compute Hosting

Current data centers are not built to support the evergrowing demand of High Performance Compute workloads. Frontier provides the most cost-effective tier zero high performance compute hosting in the United States – starting at just 6.5 cents per kilowatt-hour.


I’d recommend Frontier Zero to anyone looking to co-locate their servers.

After contacting several hosting companies and receiving no response, Frontier Mining was the first and only company to pick up the phone. Once I spoke with them and shipped them my miners, they were incredibly diligent about bringing them online as soon as possible. Now that my miners are online, their support staff has been excellent.

E. Wilson

A complete game changer. We reduced our data center costs by over 50% overnight.

I spoke to the Frontier team and they helped me find a solution that not only is highly scalable, but significantly cheaper then our current solution. We have been with them for 6 months, and I am never looking back!

S. Delay

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